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Acuvue Oasys with Transitions


Acuvue Oasys with TransitionsThe Acuvue Oasys contact lens by Johnson and Johnson is now available with the light-changing Transitions technology.

This fortnightly lens is the same Oasys lens existing wearers are familiar with but reacts to the light around you (both indoors and out)

Even if you donít need prescription contact lenses, these lenses are available without prescription so would suit those who have great vision but are suffering from glare.

Contact us if you would like to trial these lenses.


Lifestyle Second Pair Promotion


Whether you're working behind a desk, on the land or simply playing in the New Zealand sun, your lifestyle influences your eyewear.


There are times when one pair of glasses is just not sufficient and you may require a second pair unique to the environment you work or play in. You now can get a second pair of occupationals (office lenses for the digital world), prescription sunglasses or prescription safety glasses from $299*

Contact Lens Recycling


Frith and Laird is passionate about looking after our environment. Now you can help us in our goal to keep NZ green by recycling your contact lens packs (both the blister pack and foil).


The plastic from the blister packs are recycled locally in Auckland and is used to make garden watering cans, park benches and also garden mats.


Just drop them off in the designated recycling bin in the practice.

New Contact Lens Wearer Bonus

Get fitted and purchase the new Vision Plus Fresh Daily contact lenses and get a bonus one monthís supply free. *

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